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What makes Zambian Emerald so precious?

The green colour of Fancy Zambian emeralds ranges from vivid to velvety. Smooth and often adorned with charming natural inclusions, crystals are visually appealing. All of the specimens have an aesthetic appeal due to the crystals' mottling. These stones are beryl minerals, which are made of aluminium silicate and beryllium. It has a striking green hue due to traces of vanadium and chromium.

The unique colour and other qualities that set Zambian emeralds apart make them extremely sought-after. It is expected that the value of the Zambian Emerald will rise in the future, and its current price is fairly reasonable.

Precious jewellery pieces such as engagement rings, necklaces, brooches, and earrings are also favourably adorned with Zambian emeralds. Gorgeous engagement rings can be made with emeralds.

Zambian Emerald's Healing Advantages

Calm and Peacefulness

The serene green energy of the Zambian Emerald harmonizes wonderfully with the Crown Chakra. By encouraging energy harmony, this link calms the wearer. Wear this jewellery made of crystals to carry its calming energy with you all day.

Emotional Harmony

The stabilizing qualities of the Zambian Emerald, which is tucked away within the Root Chakra, open the door to emotional balance. It serves as a calming influence, assisting people in gracefully navigating through tumultuous emotions. Keep the crystal in your pocket and travel with its balancing energy with you.

Love and Friendship

The benefits of Zambian Emerald, led by the goddess Aphrodite, form a web of friendship and love. Its soft energy strengthens bonds and fosters understanding in relationships. Give the crystal to a close friend as a sincere way to deepen your friendship.

Fertility and Passion

Zambian Emerald, by its embracement of Northeast and Southwest Feng Shui characteristics, becomes a fertile and passionate catalyst. Its energy directs these directions' vigour, bringing passion and fertility to relationships and all facets of life. To attract fertility energies and boost romance, place the crystal in the bedroom.


Under Venus's influence, the fancy Zambian Emerald turns into a confidence-boosting light. It gives off an aura that gives the wearer more confidence and empowerment.

Hold the stone and see it converting self-doubt into energizing energy while you make affirmations about your ability.