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Aquamarine Gemstone Per Carat

Aquamarine is a blue or greenish-blue gemstone that's part of the beryl family. The beryl family also includes stones like Emerald, Morganite, yellow beryl, etc.

Aquamarine is a very precious and valuable gem which are often used in jewellery like rings, necklaces, etc. They are very valuable and the value of Aquamarine depends on the weight, cut, colour, and clarity

It is also considered that this stone is used to protect those at sea. It makes you fearless and safe from adversities.

What are the benefits of wearing Aquamarine stone?

Brings good fortune

Aquamarine brings good fortune to the wearer of the stone and new opportunities come to him/her automatically.

Attracts money

Aquamarine stone is usually costly but it also attracts money to the wearer. If you are facing any financial problems, then it is advisable to wear this stone.

Improves communication

Are you someone who is having any problem with clear communication, do you feel fear while talking to strangers then try Aquamarine Stone and boost your communication level.

Boosts self-confidence

Confidence plays a vital role in our overall development of the personality and if you do not have self-confidence then whatever you do, you cannot give 100% and that's why it's recommended to wear Aquamarine stone.

Who Should Wear the Aquamarine Stone?

There are certain zodiac signs like Pisces and Aquarius. This stone can be worn by other zodiac signs but the most preferred ones are Pisces and Aquarius. This gemstone is very lucky and can only bring luck and happiness to the wearer.

What is the Price of the Original Aquamarine Price Per Carat?

If you are planning to buy Aquamarine stone, then you should be careful and attentive while buying the stone because you are spending your valuable money. We Takat Gems are a provider of 100% Original Aquamarine stone. Usually, aquamarine stone price per carat would cost approximately $675, and after 2-3 carat would be $1,000 to $1,500 per carat. Our team has expertise in jewellery and makes the perfect jewellery according to your requirements, we make designs like no one else can. We understand you and have a good understanding of how both genders like one thing in two different ways. Choose Takat Gems, and Choose the Premium Experience.

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