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About Us

"Our business success is a reflection of the quality and skill of our people."

Haji Nisar Ahmed Takat, the founder of TAKAT, comes from a long line of skilled Indian craftsmen in the precious stone industry. His family hails from the city of Jaipur, which is famous for its roses and known for inspiring poetry, passion, and compassion. Haji was a remarkable man who possessed a deep passion for exquisite colors and a desire to continue his family's trade while building a prosperous future for his family. He had an eye for selecting gems that would produce impressive results and was dedicated to treating his employees and clients fairly.

In 1955, Haji opened his first precious stone cutting and polishing business in Jaipur. He began trading operations with his son Siraj Ahmed Takat in 1976, and their original location in Jaipur still serves as the TAKAT world flagship. Siraj later decided to expand the company's reach globally by exploring fine gem trading and attending major events in Hong Kong, Beijing, New York, Las Vegas, Paris, Basel, Milan, and Dubai. He even established an office in Bangkok.

In 2012, Haji's grandson Ruman & Rehman initiated a three-generation commitment to TAKAT. established offices in New York, and in 2015, Ruman joined him from SSEF in Basel. Adding to this legacy, Rehman started office in Hong Kong 2018 after training at GIA and GUBELIN. Notably, in mid-2023, Mr. Ruman & Rehman extended the family's reach by inaugurating a Dubai office & China Office underscoring their global dedication and growth.
TAKAT prides itself on providing exceptional gems and jewels, superb craftsmanship, and outstanding service to its clients. Their creations are made with meticulous attention to detail and quality, blending classic design approaches with the latest technological advancements. The TAKAT style features timeless elegance, daring combinations of colors, precious metals and gemstones, and innovative materials.

Moreover, the Takat family firmly believes in treating everyone with respect and dignity, promoting diversity, and fostering a supportive environment for their employees to reach their full potential. Their motto, "Our business success is a reflection of the quality and skill of our people," demonstrates their commitment to building a better future for their customers and employees. Many of the world's finest jewelers and collectors trust TAKAT to source and create exclusive jewels for them, making TAKAT synonymous with exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional results.