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Purple Alexandrite Raw Stone Price

Alexandrite is a rare, naturally producing gemstone that changes colour depending on the light. It's sometimes called an "emerald by day, ruby by night" because the colour of the stone sometimes appears bluish-green in daylight and red in high temperatures. Alexandrite is one of the rarest stones available in the world and because of this alexandrite stone cost is very high.

There are so many benefits of Alexandrite stone and some of them we have mentioned below

Physical health

Alexandrite stone is very powerful and it improves the physical health of the person who wears the stone.

Emotional healing

Emotional healing is a very crucial factor in individual life and if you are emotionally stable then you can make the right decisions and to achieve this type of result, Alexandrite Stone can help you.

Channelling positive energy

Positive energy is all we need, right? If you want to increase the aura of the positive energy, then wearing the alexandrite stone is a must for you.

There are so many other benefits when you buy and wear the alexandrite stone.

From Where to Buy Alexandrite Stone?

Alexandrite stone is one of the rarest stones in the world and it's very costly compared to other stones. Alexandrite raw stone price also ranges from $15,000 per carat. Over one carat, the prices range from $50,000 to $70,000 per carat. When you are spending this much amount on the rarest of the stone then it's your responsibility to buy only genuine gems from a trustworthy gems store like Takat Gems.

Our team is very expert and makes customization according to your requirements. Contact us today and buy your alexandrite stone from our professional team.

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