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Fine-quality rubies have gradually increased in value per carat

Of all the coloured gemstones, rubies can fetch the greatest prices. Fine-quality rubies have been steadily increasing in Pigeon Blood Ruby price per carat , frequently surpassing previous auction records. In the case of superior-grade material, minute variations in colour might translate into substantial variations in value.

Advantages of Pigeon Blood Ruby

Mental Sensitivity

Pigeon's Blood Ruby sharpens your thinking by dispelling mental fog and facilitating concentration. Holding the crystal while concentrating on a particular mental task will help you access this effect by clearing your mind and enabling the Ruby.

Wealth and Achievement

The Blood of Pigeons Ruby's benefits include helping people attract prosperity and money by encouraging an abundant mindset and positive cash flow. By setting the crystal on a green cloth in the sun, you can imbue it with your financial goals.

Desire and Affection

Pigeon's Blood Ruby strengthens emotional attachments and increases love and passion by doing so. Imagine the crystal emitting love and passion energy as you submerge it in a bowl filled with rose water.

Enthusiasm and energy

Pigeon's Blood Ruby brings your body back to life at its heart, enhancing your sense of well-being and vigour. Wear the stone as a pendant for a steady supply of inspiration and embrace it, seeing it fill you with brilliant energy.

Healing on an Emotional Level

Pigeon's Blood Ruby balances your emotions and instils a sense of serenity, soothing turbulent emotions. Put the crystal in some seawater and imagine it taking up and clearing away your emotional problems. After rinsing, dry it in the moonlight.


This gemstone enhances your qualities and ideals and leads you toward a noble path while bringing honour, integrity, and a higher purpose. Hold it and imagine dazzling light giving you special attributes that make you stand out.

Enhanced Drive

As Pigeon's Blood Ruby increases your motivation and feels like a hidden reservoir of inspiration, feel your energy level soar. Wear it around your neck, focus on your goals, and feel the energy of it enhancing your inner motivation.

The Synthetic Ruby price per carat increases even further for top-color rubies that don't have any obvious imperfections in the eye. When a ruby's size increases, its cost per carat can also rise significantly, particularly for higher-quality stones.